at that moment my thoughts were numbed. within me i felt a new and singular form of life. my being was somehow connected with that of all the creatures that existed about me, with all the shadows that quivered around me. i was in intimate, inviolable communion with the outside world and with all created things, and a complex system of invisible conductors transmitted a restless flow of impulses between me and all the elements of nature. there was no conception, no notion which i felt to be foreign to me…at that moment i participated in the revolutions of earth and heaven, in the germination of plants and in the instinctive movements of animals. past and future, far and near had joined together and fused in the life of my mind. Sadegh Hedayat, The Blind Owl

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domluizneto:  cafemably:  groovesalad:  anneyhall: Gustav Klimt: “Life and Death,” 1916.(via geneticmutations)uraniaproject:(via cosmic-dust)(via currentinspiration)margaret durowrobot-heart:  if i clean my rocket (by real name)timetoswim:  cometomebrucelee:coo-quack-cluck:crowcrow:(via whiteout)hazelweatherfield:  -lovefox:cravves I worry about this happening to my bed.The Dreamers, 2003bluntreaction:  (via parisinthespringtime, allthingsfrench, franklinare)(via queerwolf)(via carradines)daveth:   ttrevorttaylor:  Untitled (by @N04)seeofdivine:  smokey-taboo:  circayouth:  psychodelic:hristosdurian:  (via gutterflies)(via cross-stained)(via cross-stained)(via hristos)bigfun:  Iwase Yoshiyukigeneticmutations:the3rdZerkalo directed by Andrei Tarkovskyaesn:  goodmemory:  (via cheyenneguarapuava, sacredswell)i wish i was one of the lucky girls… (via into-thin-air)onmyowntwohands:  crowcrow:  (via maryrobinson)boysforbreakfast:   iwantmybearsuit:   fernandofarfan:lilts:* by Harry Bloom(via disappearingink:lovebug)  my driveway will look like this.aesn:  sunsurfer:  Catalunya, Spain photo from landscapist(via purple-diary)seeofdivine:  orientaltiger:  (via ariisxa)by ///Brian Henryseeofdivine:  (via youcantry, teenagefashionaddict)(via dinosaurcostume)fuckyeahstreetlights:  (via parisinthespringtime) Paris.royalstreetflash:  meninwhitebriefs:  bewitchedbotheredandbewildered:  (via ballinbryan)


Don’t forget to sleep.

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Don’t you think dreams and the Internet are similar?

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It was life…and it was a dream, a dream within this life; and this life too is a dream. Dreams within dreams, dreams containing dreams, until we come at last, maybe, to the Dreamer of all dreams and the Being who is all beings. H.G. Wells, The Dream

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