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oyasumi-ai:   except-musume:  yasunao:  thinkupstudio:  ak47:  tobsoya4:  twink: Zatoichi meets Yojimbo.      (via kagurazakaundergroundresistance, ladysnowblood) 2009-11-18trustinelements:  http://thekdu.nethttp://www.davidmascha.com/deathbymedusa:  that time i went to the desert with that chick wearing a bonnet. comebacktothesea:  (via geneticmutations)rickylinn:  I totally forgot who shot this, but I found this picture on Flickr a long time ago. His photography is amazing. It’s really hard for me to appreciate photography but sometimes there are those seldom photographs that I find really make me go wow.(via code1327, silverscents)-ulv:   onmyowntwohands:  gatekeeper:idontdrive:(via theunbearablelightnessofmyself, barnowls)(via realityinsane)(via fuckyeahsubtitles)human-activities:  (via shitgaze)gatekeeper:  (Rebecca Lader)(via Les voisines qui font des ragots)encoreuneminute:  (via shoshanaloves)Untitled-45 (via k.t.i.p)                                      (via 310s, anxieties)namingguey:  ceronprime:  dadadisco:  PUMPED CAT DOT JPEG   HE LOOKS SO HAPPY.(via twylakaylee)fecklesss:  Yoshi Sodeoka(via mdr5)(via fuckyoudraculas)lagodilot:  (via pelicanpelican, nosun)(via hazelweatherfield)yeswecancan:  (via elvisdepressley)(via sundrips)(via timetoswim)


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