The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. – Robert Frost

02/10/2010 § 1 Comment

hazelweatherfield:  funeral:(via tenderfuckingtorture)muri88o:  Cory Bond by Randall Bachner and Matt Albiani(via hazelweatherfield)mirc:(via scarymansion)suncatcher:  (by creaky crater)cloudy1985: curiousgirl)loveyourchaos:  (by kelly a. fine art & photography The Crafty-Girl™)fuckyeaheyegasms:  Pictures of the day: 18 August 2010 (via Telegraph)(via uuuu)(via zenfancy)(via dinosaurcostume)seanywony:  thebluearestillblue:  dressedupindesignerdrugs:  brosbeforehos:(via thecheetah)(via seanywony, pubic)aesn:  gardenofverses:  (via papertissue)aesn:  ronniebruce:  blnkpgs:  Dear surfing, I really do love you more than anything. (f’in awesome shot! wow!)fuckyeahsurf:  submitted by  daieny:(via mothlarvae)finegarten:  #  mer(via nicotinestain-)Richard MosseRichard Mosseyeswecancan:  (via splitpeavintageblog) Richard Mosseacidhorse:         (via closingscene)brownboyman:  mdrnmstry:  (viasissydudeomen2)  (via i-am-lost)likespancakes:  jennifrey:filmeater:(via fashionfever)hristos:  moscowandberlin(via code1327, -birds)(via code1327, bipolaroide)hotparade:   Henri Cartier-Bressonvia(via scarymansion)(via mothmilk)(via scandyfactory)(via modellesbians)(via santotomas)timetoswim:  whisperingwillow:1000scientists:(by Lisa Chaves)faggotxtronn:  gravitysavedme:  (via willowing)(via finegarten)markoconnellstudio:  serginhotavares:  (via mrgolightly)(via hristos)move twomove one(via absolutefucker)funeral:lydiadeetz: (via krystalvixen)ughuhguhguhguhguuhguhuhguhhugugh: norf:(via pumpmylove)billyjane:  Andre Breton et al the gate of the Désert janitoroflunacy:Denise BellonRen Hangeyeballmansion:  (via femmetje)(via hazelweatherfield)(via uppereastside)weirdfriends:  breeapperley:  (via jennilee)uessai:     hell mouthaliveclassical-nature:  (via -siriuslyblack)(via weirdfriends)1969 DESERT TRIPPIN’ | GRAM PARSONS, ANITA PALLENBERG & KEITH RICHARDS « The Selvedge Yardbillyjane:  E.S.Curtis ~ Hopi via amputrexexclamationmark: Snakes.(via iron-esper, robocide)(via fothermuckers)fothermuckers:  (via lionheist)one shot, people get close togetherwhatedgeinsaidaboutwomen:  h.newtonmarkoconnellstudio:   crowcrow:  orientaltiger:(via lavenderdays)mobaby:   niub:  nevver:  A Colt Is My Passport (拳銃は俺のパスポート)john-james:  kiske:  twink:  Laurie Simmons: Walking Gun (1998.440) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Artpegase:  fuckyeahgoths:  mechanicalbirds:  GIACOMELLIhazelweatherfield:  (via apassingfeeling)djmascotboy: via queerwolf)human-activities:  (via daysrunaway)hristos:   pumpmylove:  (title unknown) Scattered Light Opening The Scattered Light project interests me. (via timetoswim)(via sundrips)mobaby:  wet-men, theflamingcurmudgeon, goddamneddavideyeballmansion:thepulpgirlsA Restless Transplant: The Most Interesting Three Weeks of My Liferuffians:  xxxxxtimetoswim:  cometomebrucelee:coo-quack-cluck:crowcrow:(via whiteout)claireisanaspiringnovelist:  (by welcome, ghosts)fuckyeahsubtitles:(via mechanicalbirds:katiekatie)markoconnellstudio:  (via thinkaboutthings)highonflowers:  (via misscheriedior)skimmingthetop:  (via roughtrade)funeral:  (via mothkingdom)Silence of the Sleep(by Simon Marsham)(via queerwolf)onmyowntwohands:  (via hristos)(via cutyou)(via code1327, silverscents)(via midnightsouls)lovecomesalong:   thephrasetoeverythought:  imalittleyellowfish:  32waystomakeyousmile:  magisterial:  storiesofthewoods:  clandestineness:  (via blackriver)daveth:  disperso:  maisondupapier:highonflowers:(via vanishes)(via code1327)jovis:  (via girlseyesbutterflies)Image and video hosting by TinyPicSpaced Out: Radical Environments of the Psychedelic Sixties, 2008 strange-eyesyumz:  via


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